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Refer A Friend (1920 X 450)

As a prepaid member of One Leisure, you are entitled to take advantage of our Refer a Friend scheme. Refer a friend is a scheme that One Leisure has used in the past to encourage our members to bring their friends/family into our centres and trial our facilities. This is a great opportunity to train with someone you know so you can motivate and help each other to achieve your fitness goals. 


All you need to do is: 

  • Find someone who is interested in trying out our facilities 
  • Send them to their preferred One Leisure site OR get them to call 01480 388111
  • We will arrange for them to attend a tour of our facilities OR if they’re looking to start there and then, we will get everything setup on the day. 


The friend/family you have referred will receive a 7-Day Free Pass which allows them to use our Gym, Swim, Fitness Classes and Cyclone Indoor Cycling free of charge for that period. They will be contacted twice throughout their 7-Day Pass we will contact them during their 7 days to check they are getting on well. 

If the referred person signs up for a prepaid membership, once they have been a member for 3 full months, you, as the referrer will be given a free month as a thank you for recommending us to the people around you.  

Why not consider our Joint Platinum membership to save both yourself and your friend/family some money? Our Joint Platinum allows 2 people to set up a membership together and offers Gym, Swim, Fitness Classes and Off-Peak Racquet Sports (one court booking per day) – With the joint membership, it works out cheaper per person than the Solo (Gym only) membership. 

Remember, the more friends that join the more free months you will receive. 

For any queries, please call us on 01480 388111, email us on or visit any of our four One Leisure sites.