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One Leisure Regulations


1. Interpretation


  • ‘Customer’ means any person coming onto the premises of any One Leisure site within Huntingdonshire District Council.

  • ‘One Leisure’ means any One Leisure site within Huntingdonshire District Council including the grounds, facilities and equipment.

  • ‘The Staff’ means the Manager of the One Leisure site and any other person employed therein.  The ‘Centre Manager’ means the Centre Manager or their delegated representative.

  • ‘Adult’ is an individual aged 16 years and over.

  • ‘Hirer’ is the person whose name the booking is made under.  In the case of club bookings, the ‘Hirer’ is the person who has signed the booking form.


2. One Leisure Use


  • One Leisure accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or costs incurred during attendance at the site and its environs.

  • Use of the One Leisure sites in any capacity is made subject to the customer conforming to these regulations.

  • The Staff reserve the right to refuse admission to One Leisure, without reason.


3. Charges & Receipts


  • Charges are those laid down by Huntingdonshire District Council and are payable on arrival or in advance excepting those bookings paid on demand.

  • Any receipt shall be retained and produced upon demand.

  • A receipt is required when requesting a refund.  Failure to produce a valid ticket, wristband or receipt shall result in a refund request being rejected.

  • The hirer will be held responsible for the conduct and behaviour of those participating in a booking made under the ‘Hirers’ name.


4. Booking Cancellation & Charges (Customer Initiated Cancellations)


  • Individual Bookings
    - Failure to attend a pre-booked activity will result in normal charges being applied, regardless of membership type.
    - Failure to provide the minimum required period of notice for cancellations will result in normal charges being applied, regardless of membership type.

  • Cancellation of seasonal or block bookings will be subject to a minimum of 8 days written notice of cancellation and could affect the hirers eligibility for VAT exemption.

  • Single Advanced Bookings.  Notice of cancellation shall be made in writing no less than 28 days prior to the booking, otherwise the full charge is liable.

  • Failure to make payment by required deadlines will result in immediate suspension of the booking, with future bookings being refused until such time as all arrears have been cleared.

  • Unpaid debts will be pursued through the Huntingdonshire District Council Legal Department and their nominated collection agent.


5. Booking Cancellation & Charges (Site Initiated Cancellations)


  • The Centre Manager reserves the right to close One Leisure sites, or parts there of, should essential repairs / maintenance prove necessary or circumstances dictate that it is not viable to open.  Under these circumstances every effort shall be made to forewarn customers via media sources.

  • One Leisure sites are designated Emergency Rest Centres and in times of local, regional or national emergency, bookings shall be suspended to enable One Leisure to fulfil this role.

  • Events of local significance. Periodically, One Leisure are approached to host events of local significance e.g. polling station, election counts, or bookings of benefit to the local economy.  At these times, pre-existing bookings will be suspended, at no cost to the customer.

  • One Leisure initiated cancellations will incur no cost to the hirer, and will not impact upon VAT exemptions.


6. One Leisure Programming


  • One Leisure remain committed to offering a wide and varied programme of activities and facilities. The Centre Manager reserves the right to update and amend the site programmes to best reflect customer demand, product availability and innovation.

  • Activities and/or facilities that do not attract appropriate levels of use may be replaced or removed from the programme.


7. Young Persons


  • A responsible adult must accompany any person under 8 years of age for any visit to One Leisure sites during public sessions.


8. Use of Facilities


  • Any booking shall be paid in accordance with sections 3, 4, and 5.

  • Correct footwear and appropriate clothing is required for all activities.

  • Times of any booked period include any set up and clearing away of equipment as required.

  • Customers should not infringe upon the playing areas of other users and are required to have due regard for the enjoyment of others.


9. Smoking


  • Smoking is prohibited on One Leisure sites, except in designated smoking areas.


10. Food & Drink


  • Food and drink may not be brought into One Leisure sites unless the Centre Manager in special or appropriate circumstances has given prior permission.

  • Consumption of food and drink is restricted to non-sporting areas designated for this purpose.


11. Electrical Equipment


  • Non-centre, electrical equipment may not be used within the premises without prior permission of the Centre Manager.  A condition of such permission will be that  the equipment, in question, has undergone certified portable appliance testing.


12. Gambling & Gaming


  • Gambling and gaming may only take place subject to the prior written agreement of the Centre Manager as part of any appropriate or special event.


13. Animals


  • No animals, except guide dogs, shall be brought into One Leisure sites unless agreed by the Centre Manager.


14. Photography


  • The taking of photographic images and video filming within One Leisure sites is not allowed without both the written consent of the Centre Manager and the person whose photograph is being taken.


15. Unauthorised Poster Advertising


  • Organisers of events at One Leisure must ensure that fly posting or similar unauthorised advertising contrary to local authority planning regulations does not occur.


16. Lost Property


  • Valuables are held on the premises for a period of three months, any unclaimed item will be donated to charity

  • Semi-valuables e.g. books, bags, sports equipment, are held on the premises for a period of one month.

  • Clothing is to be held on the premises for a period of one month (for the purposes of hygiene, certain items including soiled or unclean items, e.g. socks or underwear, or items of a perishable nature e.g. lunchboxes containing food or drinks bottles will be disposed of immediately).


17. General


  • Customers are expected to behave with due regard to the building, grounds, staff and other customers.  Wilful damage to the fixtures and fittings of the building or grounds, will be charged to the customer or hirer, and could be referred to the Police.

  • Failure to comply with facility usage regulations (Regulation 8) could result in booking suspension and/or exclusion. Damage resulting from such a failure will be charged to the customer or hirer.

  • The Staff reserve the right to remove, without refund, any customer where a breach or suspected breach of the regulations has occurred.

  • The One Leisure Regulations must be read in conjunction with the pre-paid membership terms and conditions, for pre-paid members.

  • We reserve the right to amend One Leisure Regulations and Terms and Conditions.