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Personal Training

Impressions Fitness Suites have Personal Trainers which are available across all One Leisure sites. 

What is the difference between a normal appointment and a Personal Trainer?​

Imagine training with someone who knows everything about you, what motivates you, how you feel on any given day, your weakness and your strengths. All of these factors impact on you as a person and how we help get your results. A normal appointment is not as detailed or personal to you. It is like training with your best friend. 

Our Personal Trainers specialise in a range of different areas such as; weight loss, general or specific toning, getting back to fitness or aiming toward a special occasion as well as boxing, weight lifting and nutrition. 

Using the expertise of a Personal Trainer is a great way to keep your exercise regime fresh, exciting and original.

Details of Personal Trainers can be found at your local Impressions Fitness Suite.​